The metadata compiled herewithin is secondary to the tz repository and is derived from the archives of the tz discussion list as well as commits to the tz development repository. Metadata is limited to changes affecting UTC offsets for current and/or future timestamps at the time that notice is sent. Pull requests will NOT be accepted for a given timezone change until it has been proposed to the tz mailing list at, discussed as necessary, been committed to the tz development repository, and (in general) released.

Changes with notice first sent in 2019

Country Affected Zones Description Earliest effective date for UTC offset changes Initial notice sent to tz discussion list Commits to development repository tz release Notes
NF πŸ‡³πŸ‡« Norfolk Island Pacific/Norfolk Norfolk Island will observe Australian-style DST starting in spring 2019. The first transition is on 2019-10-06. 2019-10-05T15:00:00Z 2019-08-14T11:34:13Z
Leadtime: 52d, 3.4h

Leadtime: 51d, 21.4h
Leadtime: 23d, 19.0h
FJ πŸ‡«πŸ‡― Fiji Pacific/Fiji Fiji's next DST transitions will be 2019-11-10 and 2020-01-12 instead of 2019-11-03 and 2020-01-19. 2019-11-02T14:00:00Z 2019-08-06T03:25:22Z
Leadtime: 88d, 10.6h

Leadtime: 87d, 21.3h
Leadtime: 51d, 18.0h
BR πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Brazil America/Sao_Paulo, America/Campo_Grande, America/Cuiaba Brazil has cancelled DST and will not change clocks on 2019-11-03, instead staying on standard time indefinitely. 2019-11-03T03:00:00Z 2019-04-25T15:39:11Z
Leadtime: 191d, 11.3h

Leadtime: 191d, 5.4h
Leadtime: 124d, 2.5h
PS πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Έ Palestine, State of Asia/Gaza, Asia/Hebron Palestine starts DST a week later in 2019, on 2019-03-30 at 01:00. 2019-03-22T23:00:00Z 2019-03-23T17:10:23Z
Leadtime: −0d, 18.2h

Leadtime: −1d, 1.3h
Leadtime: −3d, 6.8h
Ambiguity in the transition time became apparent shortly after release. It was later determined that this change actually took place on 2019-03-29 at 00:00, which was updated in 2019b.
US πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ United States of America America/Metlakatla Metlakatla, Alaska will return to Alaska Time with DST on 2019-01-20 at 02:00, not 2019-03-10 as previously predicted. 2019-01-20T10:00:00Z 2019-01-11T17:48:40Z
Leadtime: 8d, 16.2h

Leadtime: 8d, 14.4h
Leadtime: −64d, 19.8h

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