The metadata compiled herewithin is secondary to the tz repository and is derived from the archives of the tz discussion list as well as commits to the tz development repository. Metadata is limited to changes affecting UTC offsets for current and/or future timestamps at the time that notice is sent. Pull requests will NOT be accepted for a given timezone change until it has been proposed to the tz mailing list at, discussed as necessary, been committed to the tz development repository, and (in general) released.

Changes with notice first sent in 2023

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Country/Region Affected Zones Description Earliest effective date for UTC offset changes Initial notice sent to tz discussion list Commits to development repository tz release announced Notes
LB 🇱🇧 Lebanon Asia/Beirut Much of the Lebanese public went ahead with DST from 2023-03-26 anyway. 2023-03-25T22:00:00Z 2023-03-27T11:26:14Z
Leadtime: −1d, 13.4h

Leadtime: −2d, 0.2h
Leadtime: −3d, 0.4h
In response to public dissent, the Prime Minister announced that the clock change would, officially, take effect from Thursday 2023-03-30 00:00; however, as many who resisted the original change had already moved their clocks forward from Sunday 2023-03-26 00:00, tzdata has modeled this as a simple reversion of the change released in 2023b.
LB 🇱🇧 Lebanon Asia/Beirut Lebanon delays the start of DST from 2023-03-26 00:00 to 2023-04-21 00:00. 2023-03-25T22:00:00Z 2023-03-23T17:15:34Z
Leadtime: 2d, 4.7h

Leadtime: 2d, 3.2h
Leadtime: 1d, 18.1h
This change, announced by the Prime Minister on just over two days' notice, was met with fierce opposition and was actively resisted by a significant portion of the general public. After a few days, the Prime Minister relented, which was reflected in 2023c.
MA 🇲🇦 Morocco Africa/Casablanca Morocco's post-Ramadan spring-forward transition is one week earlier than predicted, on 2023-04-23. Adjust predictions for future years accordingly. 2023-04-23T02:00:00Z 2023-03-14T21:46:55Z
Leadtime: 39d, 4.2h

Leadtime: 39d, 3.7h
Leadtime: 31d, 2.4h
PS 🇵🇸 Palestine, State of Asia/Gaza, Asia/Hebron Palestine suspends DST during Ramadan, and will spring forward on 2023-04-29 instead of 2023-03-25. 2023-03-25T00:00:00Z 2023-03-13T15:39:41Z
Leadtime: 11d, 8.3h

Leadtime: 6d, 21.0h
Leadtime: 2d, 0.4h
EG 🇪🇬 Egypt Africa/Cairo Starting on 2023-04-28, Egypt will observe DST from April's last Friday through October's last Thursday. 2023-04-27T22:00:00Z 2023-03-01T11:56:53Z
Leadtime: 57d, 10.1h

Leadtime: 57d, 1.8h
Leadtime: 35d, 22.4h

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